1927 Martin 5-21T Guitar

1927 Martin 5-21T Guitar

The 5-21 Martins, with their Brazilian Rosewood back and sides and Adirondack spruce tops, are known for putting out an astounding amount of sound. This tenor guitar, style 5-21T, does that in spades. Measuring 11-3/8″ across, with its X braced top and light build, the instrument has an amazing amount of tone.

Though Martin offered size 5 models ranging from style 15 through the elaborately ornamented style 45, the only ones made in any significant quantity prior to World War II were the style 17, 18, and 21 in six-string guitars and styles 17, 18, and 21 tenors, as well as some style 15 post-war size 5 tenors.

Features of this instrument:

  • Recent neck set, and leveling of original bar frets, action is very good
  • Original Grover tuning machines, working well
  • Nut width of 1 1/4″
  • Scale length: 22.5″
  • 1 3/8″ string spacing at the saddle
  • Had an added tailpiece at once point (3 tiny screw holes near end pin
  • No top cracks
  • One repaired 11″ crack on the bottom lower bout side
  • One 6″ repaired crack on the upper bout back  under the herring bone center inlay,
  • One 4” repaired crack on the lower bout back towards the bottom
  • A small hole at the center of the rear headstock– probably at some point for a nail to hang the instrument on a wall
  • Neck has a comfortable V shape, leaning toward a U profile

Price: $1595.