//1928 Martin 0-21

1928 Martin 0-21

The instrument features the original ebony bridge (full height), original tuners, original ivory saddle and nut, original maple bridge plate. Ebony fretboard. Bar frets. Thin, Soft-V neck. Finish is original. There is some overspray on the top, which is confined mainly to below the soundhole (over about the same size area, as what a pickguard would cover–but it never had a pickguard), and a bit below the bridge, and very very light on other areas of the top. Apparently a previous owner wanted to address the pick/finger wear and a repaired crack below the bridge. It’s generally unobtrusive, no effect on the color of the top, and not noticeable from a few feet. Also, some light overspray on back and sides. As overspray goes, it has minimal effect on the appearance. Neck, and head have no overspray at all.

There is one crack on the instrument from the bridge to the bottom of the guitar, but it’s well repaired (it’s about a half-inch from the center seam, below the bridge). Also about a 2 1/2 inch shallow crack/finish crack near where the fretboard meets the top (about 1/8 inch from the fretboard), on low-E side (does not go through–It is not visible on underside of top). There is a small indentation on the side rosewood (about one inch in area, on the side/lower, stable.)

1-7/8 inch nut. Action is 3/32 inch high E string/12th fret. 4/32 low E string… just right to get that full, cascading Brazilian tone from this fine 0-21.