//1964 Fender Blackface Vibroverb Amplifier

1964 Fender Blackface Vibroverb Amplifier

The blackface Vibroverb may be the most sought after Fender amp of all time. Stevie Ray Vaughan is famous for using them. The Vibroverb started as a 2×10 combo with reverb in ’63. Then in late ’63, Fender decided to switch to a 1×15.

This amp has incredible tone. One must hear a black face circuit through an open cabinet JBL 15″ speaker to understand the sound. It sounds big and can fill the hall, but it can work as a mid size amp perfect for gigs. This amp is versatile, since the JBL D130 can carry the treble of a telecaster or strat while still having a strong bottom end. Most other amps are either good on highs (Vibrolux, Princeton, Champ), good on lows (Twin, Showman), midrangy (Deluxe, and most new amps) or too big (Marshall double stack). The great Vibroverb is superior to them all.

This 1964 Blackface Vibroverb has the original JBL speaker, and the original transformer. The amp also comes with its original footswitch.
The only thing done to the amp has been replaced tubes, and the caps. The power cord has been replaced with a grounded three-prong cord.