Very Nice Brazilian Rosewood D-28 dreadnaught.

  • All original finish, bridge, bridge plate, tuners
  • Newer saddle and nut, just installed to give perfect action, tone
  • Original Tortoise pickguard
  • Original small maple bridge plate, great condition
  • Typical small “pickguard crack” as almost vintage Martins with pickguards have. It was professionally closed/glued years ago, stable and no longer an issue. There is a 4 2/3 inch finish crack, with 2 inches or so of that just barely visible from inside– located from edge of lower bout up, about 3 inches to the treble side of the center seam… professionally closed/glued years ago, stable and not an issue now
  • Brazilian Rosewood back and sides: crack-free
  • 100% original finish, everywhere. No overspray or finish alterations of any kind. Minor dings and some minor pickwear around the soundhole.
  • Has never had a strap lug attached to the wood of the heel itself. There is a strap lug attached to the ivoroid heel cap.
  • Original frets are in great condition…  just a bit of wear, on frets 1-3/B string only
  • Action is great– low and fast and loud, and neck angle is fine. Plenty of saddle left.
  • Typical crazing of finish on top and back as seen on almost all mid-60s Martins (finish is all original, everywhere)

A fine Brazilian rosewood D-28. Set up perfectly and ready to play. Tone is exceptional– for any decade vintage D-28. I’d put this D-28 up against any late 40’s or 50’s D-28 for tone, volume, and string separation.