//Nash Stratocaster, Shoreline Gold

Nash Stratocaster, Shoreline Gold

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Product Description

Nash S63 Stratocaster, custom build, 8/2006 build; with original hang tag.

  • Highly desirable and rare Shoreline Gold color
  • Rare, with the correct period Fender logo (note: Bill Nash only did these Strats, with Fender logo, years ago, and even then they were rare, to order like this. You can no longer buy with the correct shape headstock, much less with the Fender logo.)
  • Vibrato bridge
  • Very rare color: Shoreline Gold… the most rare Fender color there is
  • Adler body
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Neck: Nash’s MRC 10R M spec neck
  • Lollar pickups
  • We added the custom mint green pick guard, a nice addition
  • It’s got the trademark Nash improvement to the pickup switching… but the lollars make this guitar play better than any other Strat made in recent years.