1928 Bacon & Day Super Banjo 5-String

1928 Bacon & Day Super Banjo 5-String

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This is a superb sounding 5 string banjo. Quoting George Gruhn in “The Vintage Catalogue”– “During the banjo boom of the 1920s, many musicians considered Bacon & Day to be the finest banjo maker of the time. Their instruments were prized for their exceptional volume and cutting power, as well as for their beautiful craftsmanship… we can only speculate what might have happened if Earl Scruggs, Don Reno, or some other well-known bluegrass player had used a Bacon & Day model.”

  • Bacon & Day Super, 5-string Banjo (Style A)
  • early 1928
  • Resonator, stamped on inside (in nickel-laminated maple): Bacon Banjo Co., Inc. Groton, CT. U.S.A. Dec. 20th, 1927
  • Conversion, 5 string neck (original neck was a tenor or plectrum); Neck was built by one of the very best U.S. “conversion” builders – with a re-use of the original MOP inlay at the peghead plus the dowel stick. Maple neck, with steel reinforcing rod. Fretboard is beautiful jet-black ebony; multi-layer neck bindings.
  • 22 frets
  • Scale length: 27 inches
  • Replacement tailpiece: New Fults tailpiece installed by Dave Trexler
  • Extended Maple resonator– nickel laminated on inside– with original flat Tulip-hole flange (not the “add-on” round-hole resonator of earlier years).
  • Original, top of the line Type III Silver Bell tone ring (No Hole tone ring) original to the instrument (this is the most sought-after, advanced tone ring)
  • Original 2 band Grover geared tuning pegs

In its original hard shell case.