1937 Martin 000-18 Guitar

1937 Martin 000-18 Guitar

Impossible to mistake this guitar for a “1937 Authentic” or some such “recreation”. This 000-18 left the Martin factory in Nazareth, in 1937, indeed. And it’s been well-played since.

More importantly, the tone is stellar– all you would expect from this style, this year, and more. Its bass response is similar to the best prewar D-18s. And it has the unmistakable string separation that only prewar Martins have.

This instrument was in the family of its original owner until we obtained it. The original owner was Leroy Jenkins, a blind country artist in the 1950’s, in Texas, on the Dude label. (Will include CD’s of these recordings, and photos including the artist and the guitar, from the 50’s, for the purchaser)

The good deal of wear on this instrument puts it in affordable range for more players. But the integrity is all there: the original bridge that has never been off the guitar. (The bridge has been shaved down a tiny bit on top– often done in previous decades in lieu of a neck set. Because this original bridge looks to have never been taken off–we chose to leave that originality and not replace the bridge.)

Original bridge plate (does have a very small maple bridge plate “helper” on top of (not altering) the original bridge plate but we chose to leave it on, it’s tiny and unobtrusive and not an issue and the tone of the instrument could not be better).

Original tuners. Original pickguard.

No cracks on the top (not even a typical Martin “pickguard” crack). No cracks on back.

The treble side has repaired cracks and a small repaired impact.

The action is perfect, the neck straight. It needs nothing, and plays superbly. A piece of Martin, and Texas history, and a joy to play.

Price: $10,950.

In a modern Martin hard shell case.