1926 Martin 000-18

1926 Martin 000-18

Take Martin’s best era for 12-fret guitars, add more scale length, and you get the best of both worlds–that’s what players say about the 000 sized 12-frets, if they can find one, from the mid to late 20’s. This was the biggest, loudest Martin made for steel strings in this era, with a 25.4 inch scale length, the same scale length as a 30’s D-45! (The 14-fret 000’s of the 30s and later have a shorter, 24.5 inch scale). In no other instrument will you get the resonance (from thin tops and back), combined with the long scale length. It’s a big pre-war Martin 12-fret. That’s why this instrument is a highly sought-after prewar Martin.

This crack-free 000-18 has great provenance: acquired from and set up by one of the world’s top Martin experts (in Tuebingen, Germany).

1 7/8” nut. Mahogany back and sides. Adirondack spruce top. Ebony fingerboard. It has original tuners (gear wheel below worm gear, ivoroid buttons), parts, and all original finish. Restoration by TJ Thompson and Dana Bourgeois: correct replacement bridge (ebony pyramid) and bridge plate (maple), and frets replaced (bar frets). Center seam repaired and cleated and touched up (shellack). Neck has been reset. Neck is dead straight, bridge saddle is medium height (allows set up for both higher and lower action if needed in future). Low action, and set up for light or medium gauge strings. The tone could not be better: all the clear separation of the mids that is the hallmark of the 20’s style 18 twelve-fret, but with fuller, louder, rounder bass.

One of the most sought-after Martin 12-frets, original finish, crack-free. Restored correctly, cared for, and set up by the world’s best luthiers and vintage Martin experts, and ready to enjoy.