1937 Gibson made, Carson J. Robison Guitar

1937 Gibson made, Carson J. Robison Guitar

Made in 1937 – it is stamped inside from the Gibson/Kalamazoo factory: “September 1937”
• Gibson L-00 (and same as Kalamazoo) body shape with ladder-bracing… all were made in the same Gibson factory.
• 24 3/4″ Gibson scale length
• 1 3/4″ nut width
• Classic V-shape neck profile, typical of the golden age Gibsons of the mid-1930’s
• Adirondack spruce top
• Mahogany back and sides
• 100% original finish, everywhere
• Three hairline cracks on top that are hard to see. (upper bout; bass side near fretboard extension; and below bridge.) They’ve been glued inside. Couple of cracks on back, also have been addressed. Sides are crack-free.
• Original Gibson firestripe pick guard
• Original tuners (the G string tuner is bent a bit – we prefer to leave it like it is, it works fine, rather than bend it back)
• Original Brazilian rosewood bridge, has never been off the guitar.
• Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, shows a bit of wear
• Original frets, in good condition
• Original nut
• Original small Maple bridge plate; and all braces inside are original and in great condition.
• In a modern hard shell case

Price: $3950.




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