1943 Martin 000-18

1943 Martin 000-18

A rare, 100% original pre-war Martin. Not a crack anywhere. And though it of course has the 1-11/16 inch nut, it plays remarkably like the wider nut mid-30’s 000-18’s due to the generous (original) string spacing at the nut.

Original finish. Neck has never been re-set. Original Ebony nut, ivory saddle, full height original bridge. Original tuners. Original plastic tuner buttons in great condition (no shrinkage). Lack of tuner ferrels of course (because of war-time metal shortages). Brazilian rosewood bridge, fingerboard, and peghead veneer.

Scalloped braces. Original bridge plate. Frets show minor/normal wear. It shows light/normal pick wear around the soundhole (nothing anywhere near down to bare wood). Other minor superficial scratches on back, and sides.

Bass tone and volume is impressive-the characteristic of war-time “pre-war” Martins, that featured more deeply scalloped braces. Many believe these more deeply scalloped braces found only in these years give them better tone than the mid-30s Martins.

It does need a standard neck set. It’s not egregiously out of set, action is a bit high at 12th fret. But due the originality of the instrument, original ivory saddle still hide glued-in, etc., we believe the buyer would want to set the neck to their liking. (We would be happy to set the neck for the new owner if desired, at no additional charge, after purchase.)

The tone: gold standard pre-war 000-18. Loud, dark, crisp, and clear.