1964 Martin D-28 Dreadnought Brazilian Rosewood

1964 Martin D-28 Dreadnought Brazilian Rosewood

This Brazilian Rosewood D-28 dreadnaught from one of Martin’s finest eras, is special. Its structural integrity, and originality, are rare. And it’s one of the last Martin D-28’s made when Martin still used hide glue for guitar construction.

This is a one-owner guitar, still in its original case. When we acquired it, it had not been played for years. Its original bridge, had a split in it, and had come loose from the top. Thus, it sat unplayed in its case for years. But all the wood beneath the bridge was pristine, perfect. So John Allison just made and installed a new exact reproduction bridge, from dark African ebony. It’s perfect, using the exact footprint of the original. The new bridge was attached with hide glue. And we used the original bridge pins.

  • Guitar is 100% crack-free (no, not even a pickguard crack)
  • 100% original finish, everywhere. No overspray or finish alterations of any kind. Minor dings and some minor pickwear around the soundhole.
  • Has never had a strap lug attached
  • Perfect condition maple bridge plate
  • Original frets are in great condition
  • Action is great, with just the right amount of saddle, and neck angle is perfect

A fine, Brazilian rosewood D-28, from the era when Martin still used hide glue for guitar construction… It’s a bluegrass canon, and it won’t last long.