1967 Martin D-35

1967 Martin D-35

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If there is a mid-60’s Brazilian Rosewood D-35 in better original condition out there than this one– it would have to be new. About as close to mint as you can get, this guitar shows little wear. And the Brazilian on back and sides– wonderful specimens, not the “figured” stuff you see on many later 60’s Martins.

Not a crack, or hint of crack, anywhere (no, not even the typical “pickguard” crack).

Original bridge, tuners, etc. Original frets show almost no wear.
All original finish everywhere–and note that the finish does not have any of that “crazing” you often see on the original finishes of mid-60’s Martins.

It has never had strap lugs attached.

It has the more desirable original tortoise pickguard (Martin changed to black pickguards, later in 1967). Original small maple bridge plate, in original condition.

The tone of this guitar, is wonderful. Ringing trebles like the very best brazilian Martin dread’s. And a bass response that shows why Martin brought out this model, in 1965, as an even higher-end model (and with lighter bracing) than the D-28.

There are few tiny dings near the edge of the lower bout, on top (too small to photograph well). But a D-35 in better condition than this one would have to be off the factory floor.

Action is perfect. Neck straight. Ready to play.