1976 Kohno 15 Classical Guitar

1976 Kohno 15 Classical Guitar

Kohno Classical Guitar. 1976

This instrument is being sold for a customer in Houston with a large collection of guitars. This guitar was originally purchased from VintageAmericanGuitar some five years ago– and its tone has aged and improved.

The original Kohno design was specifically different from the high-end Spanish “concert” guitars of the day which had high action and beefy necks (and often long 664 or longer scale lengths). The Kohno necks were moderately thin in profile and shaped for very fluid playability. They’re a joy to play, physically. The 660 scale length– not overly long to begin with– actually “feels” shorter because of the neck design. (And the string spacing at the 2-inch nut: 1 11/16 inches, is also a great feature that adds to the great left hand feel.)

We’ve seen/played many Kohnos– this one is unique in the combination of woods, and tone. Cedar top (not spruce), and Indian Rosewood back and sides. The combination, and this guitar’s age and unique voicing produce a dark, bass-rich tone and super clear and strong mids rarely found in a Kohno. It’s louder, darker and deeper than other Kohnos, yet is has great string separation– and the high E string is bell-like and loud.

  • Solid Cedar top
  • Solid Indian rosewood back and sides.
  • Mahogany neck with 2 ebony strips
  • Ebony fretboard
  • 19 frets
  • Rosewood bridge
  • Gold engraved Fostero tuners. Fustero tuners are individually made by hand in Spain from the best materials…for decades they have adorned high end instruments built by Fleta, Ramirez, Kohno, Contreras, Bernabe and others.
  • 660mm scale length
  • 2″ nut width
  • String spacing at the nut: 1 11/16 inch
  • Condition: One, repaired cracks:4 1/2 inches long, about 2 inches to the north (bass side) of the fretboard extension over the body.

Priced about 50% below the market price for a Model 15.

Price: $1950.

With Hardshell Case.


1976 Kohno 15