19th Century Harp Guitar

19th Century Harp Guitar

This 10 string harp guitar has no markings no it, i.e. no maker’s label, stamp, signature etc.
Probably American, likely a one-of-a-kind made by someone we’ll never know – but it’s very similar to the 1860 “Renaissance” Martin harp guitar that’s well documented.

See/hear the video of this guitar being played:

10 string Harp guitar:
• Width at lower bout: 12 1/4 inches
• It’s deep: 4 ¼ inches at bottom/end pin, 3 /12 deep at neck joint.
• Scale length: 24 1/2 inches
• Nut width of six-string portion: 1 7/8 inches; string spacing of six strings on the regular guitar portion: 1 ½ inches
• Ladder braced – no cracks, bellying, etc, on the original top
• Solid Adirondack top, with original finish
• Back, and sides: Brazilian rosewood and spruce laminate (similar to some Ashborns, and some Martins from that era). There has been some restoration to the sides, where a few pieces of Brazilian were missing/chipped, as well as to the back (in other words: sections of the outer brazilian layer have been replaced.
• Ebony bridge, original. It has been off, and back on
• The tuners are modern banjo tuners
• Ice cream cone heel, and the neck’s been “ebonized”. While the neck, fretboard, and head have been restored (recently), the original design is intact.
• Neck is Maple – “ebonized” but it’s a solid maple neck

Price: $6950.



See/hear the video of this guitar being played: