53 Tele Blackguard tribute guitar, and The Blackguard Book

53 Tele Blackguard tribute guitar, and The Blackguard Book

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This could be the best blackguard telecaster tribute ever. An homage to the great early 50’s telecaster. But it only gets accolades if it’s a great player. This one is a great player–its light weight (same weight range as on original early 50s telecaster), pickups, setup, and attention to detail make for a great sounding tele. A joy to play.

There appear to be a few original 1952/1953 parts on this guitar– but this guitar is being offered strictly as a reproduction/tribute. And it’s a tribute, in its way, to the art of the (great) copy– and on that note, it comes with Nacho Baños’ great book, The Blackguard book (out of print and a $300-400 value in itself), with matching serial number on the cover of the book. (Click here for a story on Baños.) So the purchaser can follow along the narrative of some of the great original early Blackguards in the book–and how to identify original early 50’s Telecaster, Nocaster, and Esquire elements and parts– while having fun with this intriguing tribute guitar.

• The bridge, a good reproduction of unknown origin. The photos tell the story. (Original early 50’s brass saddles?). Reproduction tuners.

• The pickguard looks convincing, but we’re calling it a reproduction.

• Seymour Duncan Antiquity pickups.

• The pots, and the pickup switch, appear to be original 1952 or 1953 Fender parts (but not with original solder joints etc).

• The control plate appears to be an original 1952/1953 Fender plate. Tone, volume knobs are (good) reproductions.

• Neck is from Mark Jenny, stamped on heel as official Fender “Licensed” neck. Medium C profile. Great feel– not baseball bat, and not too thin.

• Weight, with strings: 6.625 lbs. This is in the same weight range as original early 50s telecasters. Compare to the weight of mediocre telecaster “reissues” on the market today, all of which weigh much more.

• The body is by Mark Jenny. We waited patiently for over a year until the right Jenny body became available, to complete this instrument in the best way possible and to remove from the market the (nice light weight) reproduction body that was in place when we acquired the guitar that had a non-authentic 1952 date and signature in the neck pocket. The right thing to do– and the Mark Jenny body in place now has crazing and other elements characteristic to the early blackguard look, weight, wear, and feel.

• Set up perfectly, and ready to play.

Sold as a reproduction/tribute guitar only, together with the Nacho Baños The Blackguard book (book in as-new condition in original box) that will school the new owner on how to evaluate the fine, fully pedigreed, great Blackguards of the early 50’s. Price: $5950.