Early 1970 Martin D-28

Early 1970 Martin D-28

Martin D-28, made very early in 1970. Great tone, great original condition.
• The finest, excellent quality Indian Rosewood back, sides, peghead veneer
• Sitka Spruce top – and this is not the “streaky” sitka spruce. There are no dark streaks.
Note light areas: that is “Bear claw”.
• Ebony fingerboard and bridge.
• Completely original. This guitar has had no repairs at all.

• Original bridge, saddle, nut, pickguard

• The guitar has no cracks, anywhere
• Addition of a strap button on the neck heel.
• Slight marks just above the nut, on bass side, caused from a strap that was worn under the strings on the peghead
• The original Black Hard case (one of the last before Martin went to the Blue Plastic cases) is also very clean with no serious scrapes or bruises.

One of the finest examples of 60s/early 1970 D28 available.
Price: $5250.