Kendrick Black Gold 50 Amp

Kendrick Black Gold 50 Amp

This was one of the best amps ever made by the legendary Gerald Weber. All-tube circuitry, designed and made in the USA, by Weber. It not only has power to spare (50 watts), but its unique circuitry has two channels, clean and lead, with different preamp circuit. These channels can be blended through patching the second input of one channel into the first input of the other, for purposes of blending the two channels together and further tone shaping with the interactive tone circuit. The bottom line: Tons of power if you need it, but the ability to get all the creamy, lush lead tones with the lead channel and/or blending. You just have to hear it.

Original, handmade hardwood cabinet.

2 x 12: one 12 inch Kendrick brown frame and one 12 inch Kendrick black frame speaker.

Kendrick’s double spring reverb with three controls.

Great condition. Recently serviced by one of the best amp techs in Texas.

Price: $1495.
No shipping. Local pickup only in Austin.