//1929 Martin 00-18 Guitar

1929 Martin 00-18 Guitar

A great sounding 00-18, from the era when 18’s were light as a feather and have the resonance that result in singular tone– and this one from the time when Martin had just moved away from the pyramid bridge and to the belly bridge.

  • Original finish (with a bit of overspray, only on the area below the soundhole (typical light overspray where there was pick wear)
  • Has just had neck set, here, perfect job
  • Has just been refret, with period correct Bar frets obtained from TJ Thompson
  • New, exact duplicate bridge made (it had its original belly bridge, but it had a crack and we preferred to replace the bridge with a perfect reproduction ebony belly bridge. New bridge, is on exact, correct footprint of original bridge
  • the top of the guitar is crack-free
  • the back of the guitar is crack-free
  • Repaired side cracks, on both treble and bass sides

It’s set up perfectly, actually with low action and no buzzing anywhere, and is one of the best sounding late 20’s belly bridge 18’s we’ve played.