//1957 Martin D-18 Guitar with Original Red Spruce top

1957 Martin D-18 Guitar with Original Red Spruce top

1957 Martin D-18 Guitar with Original Red Spruce Top


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Product Description

This guitar is rare, as post-war Martin dreadnoughts go, because according to Martin factory records it was shipped out in 1957 as part of a batch that was built with “East (Adirondack)” spruce tops”. So this is a nice bonus to this instrument– the red spruce top (rather than the normal Sitka spruce top that was standard on almost all post-war Martins).

The guitar shows wear, not out of the ordinary, and nicks and dings. But the sound of this guitar is phenomenal.


  • 100% original finish, everywhere
  • “East (Adirondack)” spruce top, verified by Martin factory records
  • Top, and back, crack-free (not even a pickguard crack)
  • Inside is super-clean
  • Neck has never been set, as far as we can tell; if it ever was it was a superclean job and the fretbard at the neckjoint is straight as an arrow
  • Original tuners
  • Original pick guard
  • Frets are probably not original, but they have plenty of life left; does not need new frets
  • Some fretboard wear mainly on first few frets
  • Original bridge plate, in good condition, has never had any work done to it
  • Original bridge, has never been off as far as we can see; and it has never been shaved
  • Original bridge pins
  • Original saddle
  • Original nut
  • No cracks at all on top, or back (not even a pickguard crack)
  • Bass side: one small impact crack, that has been repaired, and cleated inside, recently
  • Treble side: one small impact crack, that also was pushed out, and repaired; inside it does not show through
  • Some finish crazing on top, common to those years
  • Action: 4.5/32 inch, Low E at 12th fret; 2.5/32 inch High E at 12th fret.
  • Martin hard shell case, with the yellow-orangish interior (if not a 50’s then a 60’s Martin hard shell case)

A powerful sounding guitar, clear basses and great string separation– no doubt all helped along by the rare, original red spruce top.


Price: $4750