//1963 Martin 000-18

1963 Martin 000-18

This ’63 000-18 has wonderful tone. It compares favorably to any post-war 000-18 we’ve played.

  • All original finish, everywhere
  • The guitar is crack-free. Not even a pickguard crack.
  • Original Brazilian Rosewood bridge, full height. It has never been off
  • original saddle as well
  • Original tuners (Grover)
  • Original Ivory nut
  • Original bridge plate… in perfect condition… in fact, there is not even the enlarged holes you so commonly see from the ball ends of strings working through… it’s a great original small Maple bridge plate…
  • Original endpin
  • There is some pick wear, and some typical crazing that 60’s Martins all have
  • Frets are in good shape. The first several positions show some wear… but not a lot… it does not need new frets.