The World’s Smallest Pre-War Martin 6-String Guitar

A very rare, prewar Martin, and it’s the smallest pre-war Martin 6 string guitar ever made. It sounds amazing. Imagine if a fine prewar Gibson mandolin and a prewar Martin 6-string guitar had a baby– this is it. Wonderful, how much sound this guitar puts out, and it has a shimmering tone that is mesmerizing. [...]

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1920’s and Earlier Martin Guitars – Is it Safe to Use Steel Strings?

Can I use steel strings on my vintage Martin guitar (or a guitar I am thinking of buying)? That is one of the most common questions asked, about pre-1930’s Martin guitars and other Jazz age and earlier vintage guitars. And there is a lot of misconception and myth surrounding the issue. The question often [...]

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Martin Guitars – Timeline for Design and Model Changes, 1833 – 1969

"Coming soon– an Interactive Timeline for Martin Guitars– an annotated history of Martin Guitar features/changes/styles/idiosyncrasies from 1833 to today".