1930 Martin 0-18 Guitar

1930 Martin 0-18 Guitar

An all-original Martin from the finest era in the company’s history, this 0-18 is unsurpassed for Martin 12-fret Adirondack spruce over Mahogany tone.

What can you add about a 1930 Martin, that is 100% original, down to the original bridge pins, and original ivory saddle This example is from the time when Martin had just started using belly bridges, and the ebony belly bridge on this guitar still has its original ivory saddle. And this guitar is 100% crack-free. Period.

The instrument features the original bridge (full height), original tuners, original ivory saddle, original nut, and original maple bridge plate (the bridge plate shows almost no wear from ball ends–almost unheard of in a prewar Martin). All original finish– everywhere. Some honest playwear and various minor nicks and dings give the wonderfully aged and naturally honey-hued Adirondack top character. The top shows perfect form, with no bellying behind the bridge, etc.

One of the things that makes Martin’s from these year so great-sounding: Martin was still using a thin ebony rod inside the neck, not a metal bar. So the instrument is more free to resonate, from tuners, right down to the bridge. And resonate this one does, with a strong bass especially that puts many many large size guitars to shame.

1-7/8 inch nut. The neck has just been set, by us, retaining the original Bar frets