Alvarez Whyte Eagle 5-string Banjo

Alvarez Whyte Eagle 5-string Banjo

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Late 1970s, but in almost unplayed condition.
Bluegrass banjo players seek out these 70’s Whyte Eagles, known for their tone and craftsmanship. It was a pretty short window of only about five years, when these banjos were made with this kind of craftsmanship. They blow away most any banjo made and marketed (from any country) in the 60s, 70s and 80s– and they show no logos on headstock– just beautiful mother of pearl. It’s the No. 4310 “Whyte Eagle”. Based on late 1920’s Vega Griffin (Tubaphone #9) style inlays, with engraved, carved heel. Sunburst finish maple banjo, Gibson-style 2 piece flange, full height 20 hole archtop tone ring, dual coordinator rods, flamed maple resonator, maple neck, chrome finish. Neck is butterfly with ebony strip on back of neck, down the center.

Just set up, with new tailpiece, and new head, by Dave Trexle and ready to play: loud, clear, and bright.
With original hard shell case.