1943 Martin 00-18 Guitar

1943 Martin 00-18 Guitar

This is a prime example of why the pre-war, scalloped brace Martins made in 1943 in particular are the best sounding Martins ever: the ebony truss rod in the neck (instead of a metal truss rod– due to wartime metal rationing), the even more finely scalloped tone bars, and lack of metal tuner post bushings, all contribute to the lightness of build, and the robust tone, resonance and sustain you won’t find on any other Martin (not even the mid-30’s Martins). This guitar, seemingly light as a feather, plays like a dream, and is particularly resonant, and wonderful, for fingerpicking. (Martins from this year, often have a thinner finish, as does this one, which also contributes to its almost Shaker-like simplicity and beauty.)

All original finish still in great shape.

It has just had a new, Brazilian rosewood bridge made (from 100 year old, old-growth Brazilian rosewood, to the exact shape and footprint of the original which had a crack and was better replaced) by Tony Nobles (original bridge will ship, in the case). The bridge is hide-glued on, naturally. Aside from the typical B-string area “pickguard crack”, now well repaired and a non-issue, the top of the guitar is crack free. There is one well-repaired crack on the back. There was an old input jack right below the end pin, now filled expertly by Nobles (but no evidence of any pickups etc inside the guitar).

  • Original bridge plate, in fine condition. Original Frets.
  • Original tuners (it looks like at one point there were other tuners on the guitar… with a few old screw holes filled.)
  • Has never had strap lug attached to heel
  • Top shows no “bellying”. Natural shape and slight arch is textbook perfect.

It’s just had a neck set, along with the new bridge, and action is perfect. It’s ready to be enjoyed for decades more.