• This stunningly beautiful, one-of-a-kind custom built resonator (from 2006, in beautiful crack-free condition and with only light wear) is from Tony Nobles, well-known luthier, and maker of instruments for Joe Walsh, Billy Gibbons and many other artists. The art deco ornamentation compliments an incredibly well built instrument, with meticulous attention to detail. Listen to/watch the video clip where guitar master Redd Volkaert put this instrument through some interesting jazz and blues paces.
    • Spun-aluminum Quartermane biscuit-style cone (single-cone resonator)
    • Solid curly maple, back top, and sides, with light tobaccoburst nitrocellulose lacquer finish
    • Art deco coverplate, soundholes, and tailpiece of antiqued brass with a metal mesh covering
    • Maple binding on body
    • Custom torch inlay on headstock
    • Curly maple neck
    • Waverly tuners
    • Scale: 24.4 inches
    • Nut width: 1 7/8 inch
    • String spacing at nut: 1 18/32
    • Bridge spacing: 2 1/8
    • Lower Bout: 14 1/2
    • Upper bout: 9 1/2
    • Body depth at bottom: 3 ¾ inches
    • Body depth at neck joint: 3-20/32
  • A wonderful, completely crack-free LG-2. The neck was recently set by Mark Erlewine, the frets dressed, and a new saddle installed ... beautifully set up by ME. 1-11/16 inch nut. Mahogany back and sides. Spruce top. Low action, with no buzzing. Nice sustain, and volume.
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    Impossible to mistake this guitar for a “1937 Authentic” or some such “recreation”. This 000-18 left the Martin factory in Nazareth, in 1937, indeed. And it’s been well-played since. More importantly, the tone is stellar– all you would expect from this style, this year, and more. Its bass response is similar to the best prewar D-18s. And it has the unmistakable string separation that only prewar Martins have. This instrument was in the family of its original owner until we obtained it. The original owner was Leroy Jenkins, a blind country artist in the 1950’s, in Texas, on the Dude label.