1995 Lester Devoe Flamenco Negra Guitar

1995 Lester Devoe Flamenco Negra Guitar

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Guitars from the world-renown luthier Lester Devoe are highly sought after – to the extent of a formidable wait list for a new one. And vintage Devoe guitars – especially ones from this era – are hard to come by. So this guitar is a gem. And with close to 30 years of aged wood/tone, its sound is amazing. We’ve had several Devoe’s over the years, but none like this one. The age, the fact that it’s a cedar top, its light build, and Lester’s magical touch combine to give this vintage Devoe a tone that is in a class by itself, with both the bold flamenco presence you’d expect, and nuances of color and timbre that many great/expensive classical guitars lack. Like a great classical guitar it responds to the lightest touch, and with deep round rosewood color, yet it’s a lightning storm for flamenco.

You can hear/see this guitar in the sound/video clip posted here.


1995 Lester Devoe “Flamenco Negra”, the term for a Flamenco guitar that has rosewood back and sides. See photo of label.

  • Cedar top, and Indian Rosewood back and sides
  • Rosewood bridge
  • Ebony fretboard
  • 650mm scale length
  • Sloan tuners
  • Clear tap plate treble side
  • All original nitrocellulose finish
  • Rosette with “roses” design in the classic Andalusia tradition
  • Great condition:

No cracks at all, anywhere. Several nicks and dings as expected from a guitar of this vintage.

Work done on guitar:

It has a new ebony fretboard (December ’22) custom designed for this guitar. Like many guitars with decades of age – especially the great ones that are lightly built – there was some bow in the neck, not much but enough that it was not perfect action/relief – and we are perfectionists. So we decided to really make this guitar perfect for playability and tone: we replaced the fretboard (and all frets of course), and so doing it now has perfect relief, perfect action, and astounding sound.

Action: Low E string at 12th fret: 2.5mm; High E string at 12th fret: 2.4mm. It’s a guitar that plays better, and sounds better now than it ever has.

Price: No longer available

In a modern hard shell case.

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